Silver Needle's Ornaments

Silver Needle's Ornaments

86 products

Showing 49 - 86 of 86 products

Showing 49 - 86 of 86 products
Uncle Sam Ornament
Weathervane Ornament
Jack in the Box Ornament
Christmas Teddy
Christmas Kitty
Gingham Dog Ornament
Pink Baby Sleeping Sign
Blue Baby Sleeping Sign
Pat the Bunny
Owl Ornament
Creel Ornament
Nantucket Christmas Holly Bask
Apple Ornament
Lemon Ornament
Peach Ornament
Pear Ornament
Peapod Ornament
Radishes Ornament
Green Pepper Ornament
Chili Peppers Ornament
Asparagus Ornament
Cherries Ornament
Artichoke Ornament
Nantucket Basket Ornament
Neapolitan Treetop Angel
Christmas Stroll Ornament
Moose and Acorns Ornament
Bear and Cabins Ornament
Moose Ornament
Bear Ornament
Covered Bridge Round
Frosty Ornament
Mrs. Frosty Ornament
Asleep in their Bed Ornament
Santa's Here Ornament
Sleigh Ride Ornament
Sledding All Day Ornament
Strawberries Ornament

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