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Roxanne Thimble FAQ's

What are Roxanne's Thimbles made of?

Roxanne's Thimble are guarnateed to be puncture proof during your lifetime.  There are three quality models.

  • Basic: The basic model is bronze cast and then plated with 14k gold or sterling silver.
  • Polished bronze: Artists who suffer with metal allergies will be thrilled with our polished bronze model.
  • Solid sterling silver model.

Roxanne's Thimble has the deepest dimples on the market for ultimate needle control whether you quilt, applique, cross stitch, needlepoint, etc.  Our solid sterling silver models have the deepest dimples of the Roxanne's Thimbles.

The durability of a Roxanne's thimble ensures you will quilt better, be more comfortable, and never worry about replacing your thimbles as they wear out.

How should it feel?

Roxanne's Thimble is a state-of-the-art tool, the feel is incomparable to any other thimble ever made.  Since it is designed orthopaedically correct you can now use your finger's natural strength and dexterity.  Traditional thimbles cause undue stress of finger joints.  Our personal fit means you can cut fabric, answer the phone, or even pin a pattern without it falling off.  It fits like a skin-tight glove.  It may leave a slightly red depression on your finger like any other object that rests on your skin, but the weight and comfort will soon be something you wouldn't dream of quilting or needle-working without.

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