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All Presencia Hilaturas thread and floss are made of 100% Giza 70/75 long-staple Egyptian cotton grown in the Giza Valley, home of the highest grade of cotton available. Presencia Quilting/Sewing Threads are mercerized, colorfast, shrinkfast, and virtually lint free. Finca Mouliné Embroidery Floss, Finca Perlé, and Fincrochet are mercerized, colorfast, bleachfast, and shrinkfast.


Bleachfast: Colors will not run or fade with bleaching.

Colorfast: Colors will not run with washing in warm water with detergent.

Dyeing: Reactive Dyeing is common to all sewing thread and makes thread colorfast. Bleachfast Dyeing allows for repeated washing in hot water and bleach without fading or running. The Presencia Hilaturas lab in Spain tests each bleachfast dye lot in 100% chlorine bleach for one hour. If there is no fading or running, the dye lot passes. If the lot does not pass testing, it is not used and the process is restarted.

Lint Free: Presencia Quilting/Sewing Threads are virtually lint free due to the quality of Giza 70/75 cotton and the quality of the Presencia spinning process.

Long Staple: Refers to the length of fibers used to make thread. Long fibers produce strong, smooth thread.

Mercerized: A treatment using caustic soda which adds strength, uniformity, luster, and shrink resistance.

Ply: The number of strands twisted together to make thread.

Shrinkfast: Won’t shrink with washing.

Twist: Presencia uses a Z (left) twist, the most common for use in sewing machines. The direction and balance of the twist are important to prevent thread from looping and knotting.

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